The Woodbourne Priory Hospital,Birmingham

woodbournehospitalexternal1-jpgThe Woodbourne Priory Hospital is an independent private hospital specialising in the management and treatments of mental health problems.

It is a highly regarded hospital in Birmingham and treats, successfully, hundreds of people every year. As a hospital, The Woodbourne Priory works hard to ensure that it maintains high levels of care to ensure an ongoing high level of satisfaction:

For Health and addictions, the outcomes in the Routine Outcome Measurement programme found:

  • 99% of users in acute mental health felt that they were treated with dignity and respect
  • 100% Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CGUIN) targets achieved for the year
  • 93% of all outcomes were judged to be met by the Care Quality Commission at their last inspection
  • 97% of service users surveyed in acute mental health services would recommend Priory

If you would like information or to arrange a consultation with Dr Ahmed at the Woodbourne Priory Hospital, please email us here.