Types of Mental Health Care

types of mental health careDr Ahmed is based at the Woodbourne Priory Hospital, Birmingham for all private psychiatric care.

The most important aspect of psychiatric care to appreciate is that there is no standard treatment and that all care is decided on an individual basis so the following information acts as a guide only.

After an initial consultation, it may be that the most appropriate course of care may be per session, as a day patient or it may be that a period in hospital is required.


This is planned on an hourly basis where you attend the Woodbourne Priory Hospital for one to one therapy with psychologists and meet up with Dr Ahmed every month to review how you are. These focussed sessions may involve:

Day Patient Care

Day patient care is where you attend the Woodbourne Priory Hospital for half day or whole day sessions.

Over each day or half day, you will have different types of therapy provided by psychologists and giving you a more formalised programme of therapy.

It may be necessary for you to attend once or twice a week for a period of around 6 weeks, it does depend on how you are and the best way to meet your needs.

With day patient care you will have follow-up consultations with Dr Ahmed every month to review how you are.

Inpatient care

For more acute problems, inpatient care may be more appropriate and necessary and often a period of 2 weeks minimum is required to quickly address concerns and issues of priority. Inpatient care can be required for many reasons and can be paid for through your medical insurance, or self-pay. A GP or doctor’s referral would be required.

For a guideline of costs and advice about how Dr Ahmed can help, please email using the form here.