The Costs at YourMind.Clinic

cost of psychiatric consultationDr Ahmed consults at the Woodbourne Priory Hospital, Birmingham.

Whether you have medical insurance or not to cover the costs of a consultation, the cost is the same.

  • If you are insured, you may need to obtain a referral letter from your GP or doctor and an authorisation number from your medical insurance provider.
  • If you are not insured or do not wish to use your medical insurance, then you can still make an appointment to see Dr Ahmed. You will need to bring a letter of referral from your GP or doctor and pay by cash, cheque or card on the day.

The cost for an initial consultation is £180
The cost for a follow-up consultation is £120 (per consultation)

Additional therapy either per session, as a day patient or as an inpatient will incur additional costs.

What Do I Need To Do First?

Just contact YourMind.Clinic by email for advice on available appointment times.