signs of depression

How thinking small can achieve big changes

Whether you’ve only just spotted the signs of depression or are undergoing treatment, focusing on the small things can help when the big picture of your life seems overwhelming. Here are three small steps to start with.

1. Small rewards

Having a bad day? Promise yourself a small reward for a small action. Ten minutes doing something you love in return for getting dressed before lunchtime; a coffee with a friend if you write that letter; an evening on the sofa watching a box set if you show up for that meeting. Your reward needs to be small, positive and something you’ll enjoy. Rewarding yourself in small ways boosts self-esteem and feelings of achievement, all of which help keep moving you forward, towards bigger goals.

2. Small conversations

When you have depression, you can easily feel like the world’s shut off from you. Try to give yourself a day, or a morning, or even just an hour, off the big conversations. Take away the pressure. Let yourself do some small talk. How’s Mrs Jones dog? What time does the checkout assistant’s shift end? A small conversation, even if it’s just at the post office counter, can help you remember you have a place in the world and can give you a new perspective on your situation.

3. Small steps

If you’ve recognised you might need some help, it can feel daunting considering an option like going to the GP or contacting someone like us here at YourMind.Clinic. But think small. Make walking past your GP’s surgery or reading something like our info page on types of care the goal for today. Tomorrow’s step could be filling out the contact form but not sending it or walking into the surgery just to pick up a leaflet. Build up to a big step by focusing on some small ones which take you in the right direction.

Small rewards, small conversations, small steps, could lead to big results.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when you look at the big picture, but allowing yourself to break down the big picture from time to time and focus on small things can move you along the path you want to take. If this all seems daunting then perhaps you had best arrange to come and see Dr Ahmed who can help you.

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