How meditation can help reduce anxiety and depression

Lots of research has been conducted into whether meditation can relieve anxiety symptoms and signs of depression, with the consensus being that it can have a positive influence. Whilst not a magic cure for mental health problems, meditation may alleviate mild depression symptoms, and can be used in conjunction with other therapies and medication for those suffering from more severe cases of the illness.

Meditation covers a range of strategies that work with our mental states to create a desired change. Meditation empowers us to become aware of how we feel, and gives us the ability to make changes to shift our mental states in a positive way. By learning techniques to choose desired responses, this can help put us in control of our emotions, allowing us to let go of negativity and change the way we view things.

For those suffering from anxiety symptoms and signs of depression, learning to meditate can help to move thought patterns away from undesired states to more desirable states, helping a person function better.

There are lots of ways a person can meditate, but all of them focus on finding a relaxing place to be with no distractions. Simply concentrating on taking slow, deep breaths can help a person to relax more and is an easy technique that anyone can try to master.

Other meditation strategies involve focusing on a specific image, such as a forest or a stream, and allowing that image to fill your mind, as you mentally explore all the different parts of the scene. When negative thoughts appear, they can be washed down the imaginary stream, for instance.

Some people meditate by performing mantras, which is silently repeating a word, phrase or sound to help banish distracting, negative thoughts. This could be words such as ‘peace’, ‘calm’, or ‘love’, for example.

Mindfulness has also become a popular meditative concept in recent times, which involves focusing on the consciousness and the here and now. With mindfulness, you also acknowledge how you are feeling, without casting judgement. By accepting how you feel, it can be easier to release any negative thoughts. Finally, mindfulness is a key focus of mental health awareness month. If you feel you need more help, please contact us for assistance.

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